Backup MX Service

£20 per year!
Do you operate your own email server?
Do you care about losing email when your mail server is off-line?
Is your current email server reliable and working 24 / 7?

Start using Macintosh Electronics Ltd secondary mail service today!

When your mail server is not accessible by others you have a chance of losing valuable emails. These lost emails can result in lost sales and loss revenue. You can prevent this today by using Macintosh Electronics Ltd Backup Mail MX Service.

How Macintosh Electronics Ltd Exchange MX Backup Service works:

When an email is sent to a recipient the email server looks to see which server handles mail for the domain using the DNS MX records. MX records specify which server(s) will receive mail for a given domain. Each MX record is given a priority (the MX level), the lowest being the primary mail server. The primary mail server is responsible for delivering the mail to the appropriate user mailbox.

Mail delivery is first attempted to be delivered to the primary mail server (the mail server indicated by the MX record with the lowest numbered MX level). If that server is not reachable then the mail will be attempted to be delivered to the mail server with the second lowest MX level. If the second lowest mail server in priority can not be reached then the mail will be delivered to the mail server with the third lowest mx level (third lowest priority) and so on.

If no mail servers can be reached then mail is sometimes queued but is usually just bounced back to the sender. This can lead to lost sales and lost revenue and worst of all lost of communication and respect.

Backup MX Mail Service:

Macintosh Electronics Ltd Backup Mail MX Services gives you access to two emails servers for complete email redundancy. So if you will have an extra two levels of MX records giving your domain three levels (minimum, including your own servers) of MX priority.

If your mail server cannot be reached then your email is then sent to Macintosh Electronics Ltd backup mail servers. Once it reaches our servers it sits in a queue and continually checks to see if your mail server is back online and is reachable. When your mail server is back online the queued mail is then delivered to your mail server. Macintosh Electronics Ltd will keep attempting to deliver mail to your server for 14 days!

Quota and limitations:

The standard backup mail service will hold up to 1 GB of email or 100,000 emails (whichever comes first). We offer 2 Gb of data transfer per month to support 1 Gb in and 1 Gb out. Please contact us for a custom quote if you require additional space or transfer bandwidth.

Does Macintosh Electronics Ltd block any emails or is this a spammers open relay to my systems?:

The Macintosh Electronics Ltd backup email service is not an anti-spam service. But we do simple email checking to help prevent spammers from using our emails servers as an open relay to your mail servers. We currently:

  • Check to make sure the system / server sending the email is matching who they say they are. Many spamming email servers / software will pretend to be someone else. So reverse DNS is required (reverse DNS is also a requirement by the SMTP RFCs)
  • Check to make sure the “from” mail address is valid.
  • Check to make sure the email headers are properly formatted. Many spamming mailers do not comply to many RFCs regarding proper SMTP headers.
  • But primarily we store and forward your email ensuring in the event of a failure of your mail server, leased line, ADSL Broadband Connection etc. that you do not loose email. If we are in doubt, we store it, not reject it.

Secondary MX Service additional Info

Note: You “do not” need to use Macintosh Electronics Ltd DNS for your domain to use our backup mail services. You can add the appropriate MX records for your domain on any system you want. Using high security servers and anti-spam protection, Macintosh Electronics Ltd can provide you with secure and reliable MX backup solutions and ensure continuous email communications. We host mail servers in our datacentre, OUR secondary mail server is in Telehouse utilising an alternate providers’ transit to ensure full resilience of service.